Paying for the Public Life

October 3, 2012
6:30 – 9:00PM
Century Association
7 West 43rd Street

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As the purse strings tighten on federal and state budgets, cities across the nation have been forced to work independently to fund infrastructure and public space projects. How have the most pioneering cities funded thriving open spaces, subsidized street and transit networks, and reengineered declining neighborhoods? And how might cities across the country ensure the ongoing maintenance of their public amenities?

Join the Forum for Urban Design as it convenes two visionary former mayors–Richard Daley of Chicago and Manny Diaz of Miami–to discuss how they energized the public realm without breaking the bank.


Mayor, City of Chicago, 1989-2011

According to TIME Magazine, Mayor Richard M. Daley “is widely viewed as the nation’s top urban executive.” As a city CEO, he earned a reputation – both in Chicago and across the U.S. – for implementing innovative, community-based programs have tackled many of the fundamental challenges facing America today – strengthening the economy by focusing on jobs and businesses of the future, including green technology and clean energy; bringing new businesses and jobs to the community; and creating education initiatives that provide better job and skill training for a workforce that is ready to work in the new economy emerging from the nation’s recession. As one of the world’s most celebrated mayors, Richard M. Daley has found ways to spread his message of global commerce through urban innovation since leaving his Chicago post. Recently named senior advisor to JP Morgan Chase and chairman of the Global Cities Initiative, a joint project of the Brookings Institution and JP Morgan Chase, Daley brings his tactical experience to audiences around the world.

Mayor, City of Miami, 2001-2009

A force in local, state and national politics for nearly three decades, Manny Diaz was first elected City of Miami Mayor in 2001, having never before held elective office. He was reelected to a second term in 2005, and was chosen to lead the United States Conference of Mayors as its president in 2008. Mayor Diaz developed a vision for Miami as an international City that embodies diversity, economic opportunity, effective customer service and a highly rated quality of life. To achieve this goal, he re-engineered Miami government from top to bottom. During his two-term tenure, Diaz was recognized for completely transforming the City of Miami, and for many nationally recognized innovative programs in the areas of urban design, sustainability and green initiatives, education, infrastructure investment, affordable housing, law enforcement, poverty and homelessness, and arts and culture. He recently served as a Resident Fellow at Harvard’s Institute of Politics, and has now resumed his successful corporate and real estate law practice as a senior partner at Lydecker Diaz in Miami, Florida.

ESTER FUCHS – moderator
Professor of Public Affairs and Political Science, Columbia University

Ester R. Fuchs is Director of the Urban and Social Policy Program at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. She served as Special Advisor to the Mayor for Governance and Strategic Planning under New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg from 2001 to 2005. While at City Hall, Prof. Fuchs coordinated three significant mayoral initiatives: the restructuring the City’s delivery of Out-of-School Time programs to children, youth, and families; the Integrated Human Services System Project to streamline the screening and eligibility determination processes, case management, and policy development and planning functions within and across the 13 human services agencies through the use of technology; and the merger of the Department of Employment with the Department of Small Business Services to align the City’s workforce development programs with the needs of the business community. She currently serves on the NYC Mayor’s Sustainability Advisory Board, NYC Economic Opportunity Commission, the NYC Workforce Investment Board, the NYC Commission on Women’s Issues, and the Advisory Board for NYC’s Out-of-School Time Initiative. Prof. Fuchs is the author of Mayor’s and Money: Fiscal Policy in New York and Chicago.


Mark Alexander Brett Appel Thomas Balsley Rick Bell Jay Berman
Genie Birch Hooper Brooks Lance Jay Brown David Burney Alexander Cooper
Jay Cross Randolph Croxton Richard M. Daley Manny Diaz Susannah Drake
Kenneth Drucker Skye Duncan Zeke Faham Wendy Feuer Kenneth Fisher
Connie Fishman Kristina Ford Danny Fuchs Ester Fuchs Mark Gardner
Alex Garvin Mark Ginsberg Paul Goldberger Frances Halsband Hugh Hardy
Dev Hawley Jerry Hultin Arthur Imperatore Meredith Kane Michael Kimmelman
Musa Klebnikov Raju Mann Deborah Marton Jamie Maslyn Larson David McGregor
Guy Nordenson Barbara Paley Sherida Paulsen Lee Harris Pomeroy Daniel Rose
Joseph Rose Mary Rowe Michael Samuelian Craig Schwitter Frank Sciame
Catherine Seavitt Trinity Simons Jeffrey Shumaker Susanna Sirefman Robert A.M. Stern
Marilyn Jordan Taylor Tim Tompkins Julia Vitullo-Martin James von Klemperer Roxanne Warren
Claire Weisz Andrew Wetzler Paul Whalen Stephen Whitehouse Barbara Wilks
Madelyn Wils Kathryn Wylde Adam Yarinsky Robert Yaro John Zuccotti

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