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Next New York

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This spring, the Forum invited distinguished civic leaders, developers and designers to pitch bold visions for a more competitive, livable and sustainable New York. The result was more than forty courageous proposals imagining rebuilt infrastructure, reformed government, and an animated public realm.

Among the proposals were new express connections to the region’s airports, a park capping the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, an extension of the Roosevelt Island Tram, new light rail for the Long Island City and Brooklyn waterfronts, the creation of the New York City Department of Food, re-skinned public housing, and reforms to ease the production of affordable housing.

On July 30, 2013 the Forum for Urban Design hosted the Summer Fellows Forum and Dinner with Dan Doctoroff and John Zuccotti to celebrate the launch of the Next New York Publication.

The Next New York publication is now available for purchase. An online version of the project may be found here.

Next New York Contributors:

Vicki Been
Laurie Beckelman
Lance Jay Brown
Donald Capoccia
Nette Compton
Jay Cross
Peter Derrick
Susannah Drake
Kathleen Dunn

Elliot Felix
Ben Fried
Alexander Garvin
David Giles
MaryAnne Gilmartin
Mark Ginsberg
Will Goodman
Grimshaw Architects
Fred Harris

Naomi Hersson-Ringskog
Thomas Jost
Carol Lamberg
Henry Lanier
Deborah Marton
Robert Quinlan
Nina Rappaport
Chris Reed
Sam Schwartz

Ronald Shiffman
Steven Spinola
Marilyn Jordan Taylor
Terreform ONE
Mark Thomann
Claire Weisz
Paul Steely White
Madelyn Wils
Robert Yaro

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